How to Give Your PB&J a Makeover

With school in full swing, lunch making is part of my daily ritual. I have to admit, I really do not like making lunches. I get bored with what I am packing and consistently look for new ideas to spice up my lunch making routine.

Part of the challenge is my kids picky eating habits. They could eat PB&J everyday and be satisfied. If your kid is a PB&J lover, check out my interview with a PB&J sandwich.

Sandwiches and Beyond

 “Avoid food products that have ingredients a 3rd grader cannot pronounce”- Michael Pollan

* Hummus/ vegetable wrap or hummus with veggies and whole grain crackers

* Whole wheat pasta salad with vegetables

* Black bean roll up- beans, avocado, and cheese

* Vegetable or meat (organic is best) chili with brown rice

* Cheese and apple sandwich

* Stuffed salad pitas- greens with cheese, tuna, egg salad, or organic meat of choice. Pack with kid’s favorite salad dressing.

* Greek yogurt parfait – yogurt (organic or from cows not treated with rBGH), granola, and mixed fruit


 Energizing Side Dishes

* Fresh fruit- apples, clementines, grapes, pears, melon balls, berries, kiwi

* Real applesauce (no added sugar or HFCS)

* Vegetables- celery, carrots, baby tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers, snap peas

* Air popped popcorn

* Trail mix- nuts, seeds, dried fruits, whole grain cereal, chocolates chips

* Dried fruits- apricots, dates, raisins, figs, goji berries

* Lara bars or other real snack bar (read the ingredients)

* Hard boiled egg

* Edamame


Alright mamas- that’s it for now.


Yours in health and lunchbox packing- Michelle


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