Body Wisdom From a 5 Year Old

Body Wisdom From a 5 Year Old

Whether you have kids or not, we all know that “Kids say the Darndest Things.”


From the sweet sayings, “Mommy- you are the bestest mommy in the world.”


To the perplexing, “Mommy- a ghost just flew up my nose.”


To the WOW he is actually listening to me even though he argues about how he doesn’t care. “Mommy- this isn’t real food it has Yellow #5 and 6 in it”, said my 9 year old after reading the label of some candy he brought home from school.


To the WISE, “everything I do in my life my body tells me it is fun”, said my 5 year old while swinging between couches and jumping on my meditation pillow. He said it like it was the most natural thing in the whole world. I made him repeat it to me a couple of times so I could let it sink in and write it down.


Why did I think this quote was so profound? Of course our body should be telling us we are having fun everyday. Unfortunately for most people this changes as we grow up. Kids as early as 8 and 9 are already at war with their body. We lose the natural love and connection to our body and replace the fun with fear that our body is not good enough.


When Alex said “everything I do in my life my body tells me it is fun”, it reminded how important it is to keep that part of us alive. For many of us that requires connecting to the child inside of us.


What did you do as a child that your body told you it was fun? Was it riding your bike, doing cartwheels, playing in the sand, dancing, or jumping on a trampoline? Would that be fun for you now? If yes, go do it. If not, what would be fun NOW. The choices are endless. You were meant to have fun in your body….so get busy having more fun.

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  • Jen 4 Health says:

    more fun huh ok – so my body loves dancing and getting massages and walking on the beach at night with loved ones and camp fires… so i will look for ways to do more of this now… so Suzy my 8 yr old and I will take a youtube dance break now thanx hot mama

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