The Day I Knew My Body Was Amazing

Ten years ago today I was swimming in the pool at my gym. I was nine months pregnant and I loved to swim, not because I was getting great exercise, but because it was one of the rare times I felt amazing light. I imagined my baby swimming inside of me as I slowly swam from one end of the pool to the other.


Getting out of the pool was always a bit of struggle. I went from feeling light and free to feeling heavy and unbalanced.


On our way home from the gym, my husband asked me if I wanted to go to Taco Bell. Embarrassing as this is to admit, at the time this was pretty normal for us. Go to the gym and then go out for fast food.


This particular night I had no interest in Taco Bell or anything else. I felt a little nauseous and skipped dinner.


A few hours later I was in bed and my water broke. I wasn’t due for a couple more weeks and so I was incredibly shocked. I was not it any pain but I knew for sure that would be the day I was going to become a mama.


As we drove to the hospital I told my husband how grateful I was that I skipped the Taco Bell. I cannot imagine that being the last thing I ate before going into labor.


After I was admitted to the hospital, I was allowed to walk around since I was still in early labor. My husband and I paced the hallways for a while. We stopped and stared into the nursery.


I looked back and forth from the nursery to my belly. The babies in the nursery were so beautiful all swaddled in their blankets with their cute little hats. I was in awe. Even though I was about to give birth I still could not truly believe a baby was actually going to come out of me. It seemed too incredible.


We kept walking until I was called in by the nurse. The doctor was concerned that there was meconium in the amniotic fluid and it was decided that I needed Pitocin to speed my labor along. I went from feeling peaceful and in awe to feeling terrified, in pain and on a mission. This was really happening. I will spare you the details of everything that came next.


A few hours later, my first baby was born. When I held my baby I was instantly in love. I knew my life was forever changed. I was scared and in pain. I passed out a couple of times. It was the most wild, crazy day of my life.


When I was pregnant, it seemed like every woman wanted to tell me her birth story. I always thought they were trying to scare me. I didn’t want to hear all the gory details. I was already frightened enough.


Now I believe a different story. I think women share their birth stories because it is a day in their life that they know for sure that they are amazing. We know our bodies are incredible. Our body created another living being and now he or she is with us. For many of us, this is the most magical day of our lives. We are grateful for our bodies in a way we never have been.


Unfortunately, we quickly forget how incredible our bodies are as time goes on. We take our bodies for granted even though they are performing miracles on a daily basis. We get focused on losing the baby weight and all the ways our bodies are not good enough.


Pregnancy and birth connect us to the power of our bodies, but you certainly do not have to ever have a baby to know that your body is incredible.


Your body is doing incredible things every single second of every single day! How can you be amazed by your body everyday?


I ask this question because so many people are constantly at war with their bodies. When I ask new clients what they love about their bodies, they find this question extremely difficult to answer.



* Waking up to a brand new day

* You breathe (inhale and exhale) 20,000-25,000 a day without having to think about it.

* Your Heart Beats around 100,000 times a day!

* Your digestive system breaks down whatever food you eat in order to nourish and build cells, and provide you with ENERGY.


What can you add to the list?


The more you focus on why your body is so INCREDIBLE and AMAZING, the more and more you want to take care of it.


You know your body is working so hard to keep you healthy and alive, how can you give back?


What is ONE THING you can do today to show more love and appreciation towards your body?


To your amazing body- Michelle


P.S. Thank you for listening to parts of my birth story. I am still in awe of the experience of becoming a mother. Hard to believe it has been a whole decade.

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