When Was the Last Time You Thanked Yourself?

Gratitude. We hear about it all the time.

Taking the time to appreciate all the wonderful things in our lives.


Beyond the basic thank you letter, the first time I heard about keeping a gratitude practice was many years ago while watching an Oprah episode. She talked about keeping a gratitude journal and writing five things you are grateful for everyday.

I have kept a gratitude journal on and off through the years.

When I met my friend Lorraine Miller in Costa Rica a couple of years ago, I was reintroduced to the power of keeping a daily gratitude journal. Here is the lovely journal she created.

I now consistently use this practice on my own and with my clients. Many people tell me this one skill dramatically changed their lives.


I added one special stretch for my clients to try out. Write at least one thing about yourself that you are grateful for. My clients initially find this very difficult. While it is easy to be grateful for family, friends, house, food, and favorite things; writing down something they appreciate about themselves is often a challenge.


When I ask people to share something they are grateful about their bodies, I am met with even more resistance. I totally get this because it took me decades to appreciate myself and my body. I was afraid if I said anything good about my body, then I would be stuck with my less than “perfect” body. It takes practice to realize it is the exact opposite. We take care of the people and things we love most.

As children, we naturally love ourselves and our bodies. We can list all the awesome things about ourselves. At some point this changes and we need to relearn that we are amazing creatures.

Alex's first letter

Lately my 6 year old has started to write thank you cards to himself. He is not afraid of being judged or being “not good enough”. In fact, he often tells me how he loves being weird.

Here is his first thank you card from and to himself. It says “Thank you Alex for being a good person.”







Below is the second thank card he wrote to himself. It says “Thank you Alex for liking T-Rex, Velociraptors, aliens, snakes, bugs, spiders, bearded dragons, thorny devils, lions and monsters.


I posted this letter on Facebook and my awesome friend Taraleigh Weathers, creator of the Virtual Love Fest asked me to share it in our special group. She encouraged us to write a thank you letter to ourselves.

Alex second thank you

Here is mine:

Dear Michelle,

Thank you for being a fun creative mama. Thank you for knowing the birdies by sight and by sound. Thank you for appreciating moss, lichen and other amazingness that gets easily overlooked. Thank you for spending time in the woods. Thank you for learning how to cook. Thank you for saying “F- you” to dieting and learning how to love and listen to your body. Thank you for taking bubble baths. Thank you for seeking new adventures. Thank you for connecting with so many fabulous people. Thank you for taking care of your amazing body. Thank you for getting a new mattress. Thank you for seeking the support you need. Thank you for learning how to be more vulnerable. I love you so much- Michelle


Now it’s your turn.


I challenge you to write a Thank You letter to yourself. Post it here to share some self- gratitude.

With much love- Michelle


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