Don’t Leave Her Off Your Gratitude List


With Thanksgiving coming up, sharing what we are grateful for comes naturally. While it is easy to express gratitude for our family, friends, and favorite things, we often leave out one special person.


We take her for granted. We see her faults instead of her beauty.

Who am I talking about? I am talking about you. More specifically, I am talking about your body.


During the decades when I hated my body, appreciating anything about “her” felt impossible. I could only see the jiggling thighs, the flabby belly, and the huge butt. I called myself a “big tub of lard.” I hated looking in the mirror.


Once I flipped the switch and started appreciating my body, everything changed. I now see my body as a living, breathing, amazing organism rather than a thing for me to use and abuse. I started to refer to my body as a “her”, not an “it.”


This change of perspective made taking care of my body so much easier. We always take better care of the people and things we appreciate.


Think about a friend you deeply care about. Picture her in your mind. If she was depressed and needed someone to talk to, would you help her out? My guess is you would. What about a person you really dislike. If she was depressed would you help her out? Probably not.


This holiday season, I invite you to say goodbye to the inner body bully. Need some help?


Try this:


* Add “her”( your body) to your gratitude list


* Find specific things about your body to appreciate. If you find this difficult, start with being grateful for your heart beating, your ability to breathe, and your eyes for allowing you to see the beauty around you.


Up for a challenge?


* Apologize to the parts of your body you harshly criticize. For example, when I tore apart my body I would blame my thighs and butt for being so disgusting. Now I see them as my power source. They allow me to hike, jump and play with my kids. I thank them daily.


* Stand in front of the mirror naked. Look at the parts of your body you normally avoid. Lovingly rub lotion on your belly, breasts, arms, and thighs. Treat your body like she is your child who deserves to feel her best.


* When you share your gratitude list with your children, let them know you are grateful for your body. Children need to know that their bodies are meant to be appreciated. Many kids (especially girls) start to develop a negative relationship with their bodies by the time they are 12. Very sad but true. Think about when you were a kid, did you ever hear a woman say she loved or appreciated her body? I know I never did.


By expressing gratitude for your body you are not only improving your well being, you are helping future generations. Try it out and let me know how it goes.


Wishing you a fabulous and festive Thanksgiving.




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