Simple but powerful questions to help you feel better fast


Did you ever notice how easy it is to get upset with ourselves when we have “fallen off track” with our health goals. The inner critic gets really loud and says things like:


▪ If you didn’t pig out all winter then you wouldn’t have gained all this weight.

▪ Why did you stop working out? You always quit. You are so lazy.

▪ You can’t wear that. You look so fat.

▪ What kind of role model are you for your kids? If you can’t get yourself under control how do you expect to help them eat well.


Ouch…that inner critic can be so mean. She can be the biggest bully in our lives. It doesn’t have to be that way. Instead of letting that inner critic run the show, get in touch with the small actions you can take today that will help you feel better fast.


Today I want to challenge you to “start where you are” without judgement and drama. Perhaps you put on a winter layer and are feeling uncomfortable in your clothes. It’s OK. Deep breath.


What’s one thing that makes you feel great that you haven’t been doing? Please answer this without self-judgement.


When I asked myself this question, the answer was clear. I missed spending time in nature. I need to spend time in the woods in order to feel my best. I listened to my inner wisdom and have been spending lots of time walking in the woods these day. I feel more alive, energetic and inspired than I have in months.


What’s one thing you are currently doing that depletes your energy or makes you feel bad? Please answer this without self-judgement.


The answer to this question was easy for me however; implementing the action that would help me feel better was a bit more challenging. I knew I was drinking too much coffee this winter. My body is super sensitive to caffeine and when I drink too much I get anxious, have trouble focusing, have wild mood swings, and crave more sugar. With all of the negative impacts coffee has on my body you would think I could easily stop drinking it; however, I love the taste and smell. Coffee is very addictive to me.


I am happy to say that I have listened to my body and have been coffee free for the last few days. It is amazing how much better I feel. Sometimes you forget how good you can feel when you are used to feeling bad.


These questions are some of the quick start strategies I use when I need to get back to basics in my relationship with my body. They are simple yet powerful. Oftentimes it is the small things we do that make the biggest changes.


Now it’s your turn:

* What’s one thing that makes you feel great that you haven’t been doing?

Start doing this thing today.


▪ What’s one thing you are currently doing that depletes your energy or makes you feel bad? Work on crowding this out of your life. I know this can be tough so get support if needed.


I would love to hear your answers. Please share them in the comments below.


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