How to Savor not Stuff this Holiday Seaon


The holiday season is fast approaching. Time for family, friends, fun, food and festivities. With all of the excitement, it can be hard to find time to care for our health. That is why I want to share one of my favorite strategies for enjoying the holiday food without feeling bloated and blah.


This Thanksgiving I encourage you to try out a few simple steps to slow down and savor your food. By using these steps you will be more in touch with your hunger and fullness level and will be less likely to over do it with the turkey and pumpkin pie.


Not only will you feel better, but you will naturally experience more gratitude. It is hard to feel grateful after a meal if you are so stuffed that you feel like are going to burst.


To start:


Neatly arrange your food on your plate instead of piling everything on. This helps you enjoy the beauty of your food. Sit down at the table with your food. Standing or walking around with your food leads to mindless overeating.


How to savor:


1. Take a couple of deep breaths before you eat to help relax your body.

2. Look at your food and admire the many colors on your plate.

3. Chew your food slower and longer than usual. Pay attention to how your food tastes. Really enjoy it.

4. Put your fork down between bites. The slower you eat and the more relaxed you are, the better your digestion and the stronger your metabolism.

5. Pay attention to how you are feeling while you eat. Stop eating when you are feeling good and energized rather than eating past the point of fullness.


While these steps are simple, they take practice especially if you tend to eat fast or feel the need to clean your plate.


Refer back to this list over the holiday season. Using these steps can make the difference between starting the New Year feeling depressed about the excess holiday pounds and feeling like you are already on a healthy path.


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