Try These “Diets” Before the New Year


Although I strongly believe weight loss diets do not work, there are a few areas in our life where going on a “diet” is helpful. Below is a list of some of my favorite diets along with suggestions for who would benefit most from trying it out.


The Good Girl Diet


Ever feel like you say “yes” to everything and everyone? Before you say “yes” to one more request or invite, check in with yourself and see if you really want to do it or if you just feel obligated. When we say “yes” to things we really don’t want to do we can easily feel overwhelmed and irritated. It is really challenging to bring your best self to any event or task that you regret saying “yes” to. When deciding when to say yes to, focus on the things that will bring you the most joy.


Best for Women who tend to be people pleasers and struggle to say “no.” Also great for anyone who feels exhausted and overwhelmed by her current holiday “to-do list.”


The Late Night Media Diet


Do you ever find yourself surfing the web at night and all of a sudden notice it is 11pm or later? Do you feel called to check your email or Facebook right before you go to bed? Do you need to watch the news before you turn in for the night? All of these habits have the potential to steal one of our most precious resources for health. Our SLEEP. If you receive a late night crazy email about work or hear news that depresses you, it will be more challenging to fall asleep. Our bodies need 7-9 hours of sleep especially during the long, dark winter. Less sleep elevates cortisol levels and leads to more restless nights and weight gain. Give yourself the loving gift of turning away from any screen time (including your phone) at least an hour before bed.


Best for women who have trouble winding down and falling asleep. Also great for anyone who sleeps near their phone. If you are using your phone as an alarm clock and you find it calling you in the middle of the night, leave it in the kitchen and invest in a pleasant sounding alarm clock.


The Mean Girl Diet


We often hear about the “Mean Girls” in middle and high school, but if you are anything like me, the meanest girl of all exists in your own mind. Are you bullying yourself into doing things you don’t want to do just to please others? Do you beat yourself up for not fitting into your pants, skipping workouts or eating too many sugar cookies? Notice the way you talk to yourself. If you find yourself being cruel ask yourself “would I say this to a friend?” If the answer is no, gently reword the way you speak to yourself. I am not suggesting you give up on your health goals, but I strongly believe the only way to make healthy changes that last is by taking action from a place of self-compassion rather than self- hatred.


Best for women who are extremely self-critical and try to bully themselves into weight loss. If you have a history of chronic dieting, I highly recommend you try the Mean Girl Diet. This is the one that continues to make the biggest difference in my own health and well-being.


The Fake Food Diet

There are so many amazing holiday foods available this time of year it is easy want to sample everything. Be picky. Focus on eating Real Food rather than Food Products. As Michael Pollan writes, “eat only food that will eventually rot.” If you focus on real foods and avoid the overly processed, packaged holiday “treats” your body will be much happier and healthier.


Best for Women who have trouble deciding which foods are worth eating. Also great for sugar women with strong sugar cravings.


Which one of these “diets” do think you would benefit from before the New Year?


Wishing you a beautiful, fun, and festive Holiday Season!!!

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