I Felt Suckered by the Tummy Tucker


A few weeks ago I was up later than usual lying on my coach watching the weather forecast. I felt like a kid trying to figure out if there would be school the next day. Watching TV late at night doesn’t really work for me. Even after the News was over, I had trouble getting myself off the coach.


I stayed there zoned out in front of the TV watching a fascinating infomercial for the “Tummy Tuck Miracle Slimming System.” I felt strangley drawn into this commercial.


In my exhausted stupor I looked it up on Amazon. I was very curious about what people thought of it. The reviews were very poor with comments about what a waste of money it was and how it didn’t do anything.


I felt sad and suckered at the same time. While I knew from the start it was not something I wanted, I couldn’t help wondering if it worked. I also felt sad for all the people who bought it and once again had their dreams dashed.


It brought me back to my high school days when I wore a huge, velcro, super-tight tummy belt in hopes of flattening my stomach. Between that and obsessing over the ’Thin Thighs in Thirty Days” book, I was prepared to “fight my flab.” I am sure you won’t be surprised that it didn’t work for me. That was my first taste of failing with a “proven system.”


I believe so many women are stuck trying to find the “magic pill”, even though we know deep inside there isn’t one. It’s kind of like the “happily ever after” princess stories. We might love to watch them and share them with our kids, when in truth we know life is full of challenges.


The true magic is to pay attention and listen to what your body really desires. I can tell you for a fact that my body wasn’t asking to stay up late and watch TV. And for sure my body wouldn’t have wanted one of those crazy, tight, sweaty belts.


My guess is that your body is a lot like mine and prefers real food over packaged food products, daily movement over being a coach potato, and sleep over late night TV watching. Your body is your wise partner in feeling your best, not a thing to be tamed with the latest “magic pill”.


Check in with your body often. Be patient and listen. The more we get out of our crazy mind chatter and into our bodies, the better choices we can make for our health and well-being.

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