From Hibernation to Inspiration


How are you doing? I have been pretty quiet for the last few weeks. I finally feel like I am waking up from a long winter’s hibernation. My moods and energy are highly impacted by the seasons.


I believe that winter impacts most of us more than we like to admit. In our “GO, GO, GO” society, slowing down during the winter feels like it is not an option. We are expected to push ourselves hard no matter what. After years of keeping the same routines no matter what season it was, I have learned to embrace my own natural rhythm without feeling guilty.


While we are taught that the New Year is a fresh start and the perfect time to create goals, I believe the Springtime is the best time to start anew. Spring is the natural time of creation and taking action. Unlike the dormant, stagnant energy of the winter, Spring is full of new growth and inspiration.


Spring is the perfect time to:

* Plan more in-person dates with friends.

* Be a tourist in your own town and explore places you have never been.

* Gently release your “winter layer” by focusing on healthy, seasonal foods that give your body more energy.

* Add more fun and play into your day.

* Donate clothing that doesn’t fit or that you haven’t worn in ages.

* Plant flowers or an herb garden.

* Experiment with different types of exercise and discover what you really enjoy.

* Spend more time in nature or just sitting outside and letting the sun kiss your body.

* Train for a race.


These are just a few ideas to get your juices flowing.


What are you excited about experiencing this spring? Give yourself some time to dream.


Spring is on your side. With each new flower, each bird that returns to build a nest, and each new green leaf on a branch; we can be reminded of our own ability to start again.


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