Scale Back on the Weighing


Over the years I have spoken to hundreds of women who want to lose weight and become obsessed with the scale. They feel like they need the scale to confirm if they’re “being good” or if they’re getting out of control with food.


For women who feel a compulsive need to get on the scale, I highly recommend taking a break from it. I admit this can be a huge challenge. As a former scale addict I feel your hesitance. I was so dependent on the scale that I weighed myself up to ten times a day. The first thing I did every morning was strip down and weigh myself and then I would go to the bathroom and weigh myself again.


Every time I was in the bathroom I weighed myself. When I liked the number I saw, which was rare, I felt great. When I was not satisfied I obsessed on what I needed to do to drop the weight. The number totally consumed me and affected my mood and self confidence.


I finally had enough and decided to experiment with hiding my scale. At first I was worried that I would gain a bunch of weight without my daily check ins.


Once I put my fears aside I discovered that life without the scale opened up a whole new way to look at my body. I was able to pay attention to the way my body was feeling without the distraction of the number on the scale.


I now tune into my energy level, the way I feel in my clothes, and how different foods affect my mood and digestion. This process has freed me from scale obsession, lowered my stress levels, and helped me naturally reach and maintain a healthy body size.


As women our weight fluctuates for many reasons. Our hydration level, our stress level, our sodium intake, our muscle composition, our hormones, and how much sleep we get are some of the many factors that impact our weight. If we let the scale stress us out and cause us to be a bitch to our bodies then we are actually more likely to hold onto weight.


I know it can be scary, but I challenge you to experiment with scaling back on the weighing. If you are used to stepping on the scale multiple times a day, try to just get on it once. Then move to once a week. If you feel brave you can experiment with hiding the scale for a few weeks or getting rid of it for good.


You are so much more than the number on the scale. Honor yourself by taking excellent care of your body. This means focusing on foods that give you energy, exercise you enjoy, getting enough sleep, and being compassionate with yourself. All of these things add up over time and cannot be measured by the scale.

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