The Summer Paradox


Summer has long been my favorite season. Ever since I was a kid I loved the freedom and flexibility of the summer schedule. No school meant more time for fun and adventure. What more could a kid ask for?


As an adult, summer still provides a sense of playfulness and flexibility even if we are working. The longer days and warmer weather naturally invite us to step outside and have more fun.


Summer can also be stressful in many ways. For many women it can serve as a reminder of the ways we have neglected ourselves.


The warmer days don’t feel as good when we are uncomfortable in our bodies. Wearing shorts or bathing suits can feel like torture. Trying to hide your body under extra clothes feels bad too since now you are too hot and still feeling bad about your body.


I know what it feels like to both love and stress out about summer at the same time. I see this as the “summer paradox.”


I spent many years of my life at war with my body. From the time I was a teenager until my early 30s the thought of wearing summer clothes made me want to hide in my room.


My poor mother had to deal with me crying in dressing rooms as I tried on bathing suits. I am forever grateful for her patience with me.


My biggest regret about this time in my life is I didn’t get the help I needed sooner. It took becoming a mom for me to step up and do the work I needed to do to finally make peace with my body and food. I was deeply fearful of passing on my body hate to my kids. This was the motivation I needed to make a change.


In addition to my personal struggle, I have also worked with many women who feel the same way. They long to feel more at peace with their bodies. They want more energy so they can manage their busy days. They want to eat without guilt. They want to model healthy habits for their kids.


No matter what your age, it’s never too late to make a change. You always have an opportunity to move forward. It can feel hard because the older we get the more “failures” we have experienced.


Our past experiences can hold us back from investing in our health. We try to protect ourselves from another failure because we don’t want to get too hopeful only to let ourselves down again.


Still there is a part of you that longs for change. She wonders what it would be like to feel healthier, more energetic, and more at peace in her body. She believes in you. She says don’t give up on you. She wants you to succeed and knows that you can.


That part of you that desires change and believes in you gets stronger with every small step you take towards taking care of you. I believe it’s never too late. So often we write off our extra pounds and lack of energy as getting older. I believe it’s more than that and that you have the power to feel better no matter what your age.


It takes a commitment and it takes self-compassion and accountability. You don’t have to do it alone. For many of us doing it alone leads us down the same slippery slope to failure. When you don’t have someone to check in with, you can easily self-sabotage.


It takes making your health a priority and realizing that you matter. This can be hard for many women because we tend to put a great deal of focus on taking care of everyone else. If that sounds like you please take a moment to remind yourself that if you don’t take care of you, you won’t be able to be at your best for anyone else.


This summer I have decided to offer a special coaching package that is designed to work with your schedule:


4 private coaching sessions for $325 (35% off/normally $500)


You may use these sessions weekly, bi-weekly, or if you are traveling a bit this summer you can stretch them out over the course of the summer.


Coaching sessions can take place by phone or if you are local we can meet for “walk and talk” coaching sessions. You could also do a combination of both.


What we will work on:

* Clarifying your goals

* Moving past old limiting beliefs that keep you stuck

* Creating healthy habits around food, movement, and self-care

* Overcoming emotional and mindless eating

* Improving your body image


Each coaching experience is unique. We will start where you are and move forward. I am here to be your coach, your accountability partner, and your cheerleader.


If this speaks to you, please reach out to me. You can email me at to set up your coaching sessions. I’m also happy to answer any questions you might have about coaching.


Whether or not you want individual support this summer, let’s make a commitment to take good care of ourselves, have more fun, and get outside and play!

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My 2 sisters and I walked out of your talk energized and more committed than ever to continue eating healthy.

Ann Jenkins