Befriend Your Body Week


February 13th-17th

Welcome Beautiful Women!

I am so grateful to have you with me on this journey. For the next five days you will meet five wonderful women all with important messages to help you on the path to Befriending Your Body.



For our final day we will hear from the superstar guest Lorraine Miller. Her beautiful attitude of gratitude has helped her overcome health challenges and empower women around the world.

Ready for a simple, radical tool to Befriend Your Body? Lorraine will share it with you today.


Befriend Your Body- Lorraine Miller from Michelle Bailen on Vimeo.

To learn more about Lorraine go to


Do you ever go to your OB/GYN with questions you are embarrassed to ask? Every wonder if your hormones are causing you to gain weight or lower your libido? Today we welcome Dr. Melissa Wolf. Her easy going nature makes you feel comfortable asking anything. I am so grateful to have her as a special guest. Check her out below.

Befriend Your Body with Melissa Wolf from Michelle Bailen on Vimeo.

To learn more about Dr. Melissa Wolf visit


Whether you are an exercise lover or prefer to sit on the couch, Liz DiAlto will help motivate you to Befriend Your Body through exercise.

I loved talking to Liz. Her energy is contagious. Check her out below!

Befriend Your Body Week with Liz DiAlto from Michelle Bailen on Vimeo.

To learn more about Liz and get on her mailing list, go to


Happy Valentine’s Day! What are you going to do today to love yourself up?

If you are feeling like your self-care has been on the back burner, Jen McGown has the perfect gift for you. The best part about this gift is you already have it within you and you can access it at anytime.

I am so excited to share Jen’s beauty and wisdom with you. Click the video below to learn more.

Befriend Your Body Week with Jen McGown from Michelle Bailen on Vimeo.


Learn more about Jen McGown at


To learn more about the 100 Women Project go to


I am thrilled to introduce my friend and super fun Health Coach, Betsy Moore. Click the video below to learn how getting back in the kitchen can help you Befriend Your Body!



To Learn More about Betsy, visit her at

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