Body Image

The Summer Paradox


Summer has long been my favorite season. Ever since I was a kid I loved the freedom and flexibility of the summer schedule. No school meant more time for fun and adventure. What more could a kid ask for?… Continue reading

Worthy of Being Taken Care of Rather than a Problem that Needs to be Fixed


What do you think of what you think about your body?


For many women the first think we think of is our flaws. We think about our stomach rolls, our flabby arms and thighs, or the extra pounds… Continue reading

Scale Back on the Weighing


Over the years I have spoken to hundreds of women who want to lose weight and become obsessed with the scale. They feel like they need the scale to confirm if they’re “being good” or if they’re getting out… Continue reading

The Best Advice My Therapist Ever Gave Me


People often ask me how I got over my eating disorder and the body hatred that lingered long after I was “cured.” My journey was long and difficult. There was no “one magic pill”. Just like many people who… Continue reading

Three Simple, but necessarily easy ways to start Befriending Your Body


As a recovered body hater, binge eater, and yo-yo dieter I am thrilled and grateful to be able to share tips on how to “Befriend Your Body.” A few years ago, if anyone would have told me that I… Continue reading

Do Before Pictures Motivate You Or Make You Miserable?

Do you take “before” pictures? If you answered yes, I am curious to know if they motivate you in a positive way or make you feel worse and defeated.


I know many people love the “before” picture technique, but… Continue reading

I Thought I Would Be Battling My Body for Life- Reflections on My Upcoming 25th High School Reunion

This weekend is my 25th High School reunion. I am excited to see old friends and catch up. I have lots of great memories from High School, but lots of sad ones as well.


Looking back I realize how… Continue reading

Being Healthy Doesn’t Have to Be So Hard

I just returned from an amazing, inspiring alumni conference from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN). I feel incredibly blessed every time I have the opportunity to be around my Health Coaching community.


Before I went to IIN I… Continue reading

The Day I Knew My Body Was Amazing

Ten years ago today I was swimming in the pool at my gym. I was nine months pregnant and I loved to swim, not because I was getting great exercise, but because it was one of the rare times I… Continue reading

Fat is Not a Feeling


As many of you know, my path to becoming a Health Coach was a long, messy road. Like many young girls I thought I was too fat and jumped on the dieting treadmill by the time I was in… Continue reading

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The way you stressed making small measurable changes, made the goal appear a lot more attainable. The way you stressed making small measurable changes, made the goal appear a lot more attainable.

Michele Potter
Director of Parks, Recreation and Culture City of Gaithersburg