Are you feeling the winter blues? Try This


I will admit it. Winter is not my favorite season. As I stated in a previous letter, I often feel like hibernating this time of year. The cold, dark days impact my energy and mood.


I know I… Continue reading

The “Not Good Enough Blues” Almost Stole My Joy


This weekend I participated in an all women’s sprint triathlon. It was the first time in 5 years that I competed in a swim/bike/run event.


Standing in front of the gorgeous lake before sunrise, I was flooded with… Continue reading

Being Healthy Doesn’t Have to Be So Hard

I just returned from an amazing, inspiring alumni conference from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN). I feel incredibly blessed every time I have the opportunity to be around my Health Coaching community.


Before I went to IIN I… Continue reading

Indulge in Guilt-Free Holiday Workouts


Here we are a day before Thanksgiving.

A time for gratitude and reflection

A time for family

A time for food

So what’s up with the guilt? As a recovered exercise-aholic, I felt a strong urge to write about this… Continue reading

Get Your Free Gift


Michelle has broadened my knowledge of incorporating whole and satisfying food and eliminating cravings and deprivation. I am so grateful to have had her guidance on my journey.

Sherry Gowarty