The Best Advice My Therapist Ever Gave Me


People often ask me how I got over my eating disorder and the body hatred that lingered long after I was “cured.” My journey was long and difficult. There was no “one magic pill”. Just like many people who… Continue reading

The “Not Good Enough Blues” Almost Stole My Joy


This weekend I participated in an all women’s sprint triathlon. It was the first time in 5 years that I competed in a swim/bike/run event.


Standing in front of the gorgeous lake before sunrise, I was flooded with… Continue reading

When Was the Last Time You Thanked Yourself?

Gratitude. We hear about it all the time.

Taking the time to appreciate all the wonderful things in our lives.


Beyond the basic thank you letter, the first time I heard about keeping a gratitude practice was many years… Continue reading

The Day I Knew My Body Was Amazing

Ten years ago today I was swimming in the pool at my gym. I was nine months pregnant and I loved to swim, not because I was getting great exercise, but because it was one of the rare times I… Continue reading

The Three S’s for Body Friendly Chocolate Eating

Happy Almost Valentine’s Day!


In my old days of dieting and deprivation, I never allowed myself to truly enjoy chocolate. I considered it a “forbidden food” and tried my best to use willpower to stay away from it. I… Continue reading

Use Your Joy Toolbox to Keep Your Sugar Cravings Away


I always find it tougher to be joyful in the winter months. I miss my long walks in the woods. I miss the feeling of the sun kissing my body. I miss being warm and cozy. I miss wearing… Continue reading

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