Mindful Eating

How to Savor not Stuff this Holiday Seaon


The holiday season is fast approaching. Time for family, friends, fun, food and festivities. With all of the excitement, it can be hard to find time to care for our health. That is why I want to share one… Continue reading

Stop and Think- It’s Not Just for Kids


When I was a teacher-in-training, my mentor had a big sign outside her door that said “Stop and Think”. The sign served as a reminder for the children to slow down, come in quietly, and be ready to work.… Continue reading

Why I Don’t Write Meal Plans

I often get asked if I write meal plans. The quick answer is “no.”


There are many reasons why. The number one reason is they never worked for me. When someone handed me over a meal plan and said… Continue reading

The Three S’s for Body Friendly Chocolate Eating

Happy Almost Valentine’s Day!


In my old days of dieting and deprivation, I never allowed myself to truly enjoy chocolate. I considered it a “forbidden food” and tried my best to use willpower to stay away from it. I… Continue reading

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