Don’t Leave Her Off Your Gratitude List


With Thanksgiving coming up, sharing what we are grateful for comes naturally. While it is easy to express gratitude for our family, friends, and favorite things, we often leave out one special person.


We take her for granted.… Continue reading

When Was the Last Time You Thanked Yourself?

Gratitude. We hear about it all the time.

Taking the time to appreciate all the wonderful things in our lives.


Beyond the basic thank you letter, the first time I heard about keeping a gratitude practice was many years… Continue reading

A Kindergarten Tale and the Power of Words


Happy Spring! Right now we are on Spring Break. Everyone needs a break. If you ask my kindergartener, he would tell you how his class works harder than everyone.


He often tells me “kindergarten is so hard, all… Continue reading

The Day I Knew My Body Was Amazing

Ten years ago today I was swimming in the pool at my gym. I was nine months pregnant and I loved to swim, not because I was getting great exercise, but because it was one of the rare times I… Continue reading

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Michelle's classes are informative and fun. I came away with a greater understanding of how foods affect my mood, energy level and cravings.

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