Why Cinderella Would Never Go on a Diet


Did you see the updated Cinderella movie that came out in 2015? I loved this movie. The fancy clothes, the wonderful actresses (especially Lily James from Downton Abbey), the incredible scenery, and of course the magic!


In this… Continue reading

What Do You Want More of in 2016

I hope your New Year is off to a wonderful start.


Whether you write resolutions or not, this is a great time to reflect on:


What do you really, really want this year?


How do you want… Continue reading

What I Wish I Would Have Learned When I Was Younger

Do you ever wish you could go back in time and share some words of wisdom with your younger self?


When I think of all the years I wasted hating my body, I wonder what my life would have… Continue reading

From Hibernation to Inspiration


How are you doing? I have been pretty quiet for the last few weeks. I finally feel like I am waking up from a long winter’s hibernation. My moods and energy are highly impacted by the seasons.


I… Continue reading

The Best Advice My Therapist Ever Gave Me


People often ask me how I got over my eating disorder and the body hatred that lingered long after I was “cured.” My journey was long and difficult. There was no “one magic pill”. Just like many people who… Continue reading

Stop and Think- It’s Not Just for Kids


When I was a teacher-in-training, my mentor had a big sign outside her door that said “Stop and Think”. The sign served as a reminder for the children to slow down, come in quietly, and be ready to work.… Continue reading

Do Before Pictures Motivate You Or Make You Miserable?

Do you take “before” pictures? If you answered yes, I am curious to know if they motivate you in a positive way or make you feel worse and defeated.


I know many people love the “before” picture technique, but… Continue reading

Indulge in Guilt-Free Holiday Workouts


Here we are a day before Thanksgiving.

A time for gratitude and reflection

A time for family

A time for food

So what’s up with the guilt? As a recovered exercise-aholic, I felt a strong urge to write about this… Continue reading

Halloween Tricks and a Treat

Does Halloween set you off on a wild candy binge?

I have to admit I used to think I had no control around candy corn, Twix bars, Kit Kats, and more.


Learning these tricks and how to make a… Continue reading

The Embarrassing Question I Asked My Doctor


About to rip my skin off I walked into the doctor’s office looking for a cure for my poison ivy. Yes- I was hoping to go the natural route, but in the 100 degree heat with oozing lesions and… Continue reading

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