5 Day Befriend Your Body


February 13th-17th


A FREE 5 DAY Jumpstart into Improving your Relationship with your Body

Do you start your day feeling “fat and ugly”?

Are you a scalaholic or a scale-a-phobe?

Do you change your clothes several times because you don’t look good enough?

Do you avoid looking in a full length mirror?

Does your relationship with your body affect your sex life?


YOU ARE NOT ALONE- 80% of Women are unhappy or even “hate” their bodies.


As a Wellness coach and recovered “Body Hater”, I am on a mission to empower women to make peace with their bodies.


There is a Wellness Revolution going on and YOU can be a part of it.


Do it for you, do it for your daughters, nieces, granddaughters and friends. It is time to stop spreading Body Hatred to future generations.


It starts with you taking a chance at Befriending Your Body.


Join me and my fabulous guest experts for this FREE, FUN FIVE Day exploration in making peace with your body. Learn how COOKING, FITNESS, GRATITUDE, MINDFULNESS, and SEX can improve your body image starting NOW. All interviews will come straight to your email starting on February 13th. 

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During Befriend Your Body Week you will hear from the following guest experts:


Betsy MooreBetsy Moore, or better known as BMoore Healthy, helps busy women, especially mamas, get back into the kitchen making real, affordable, healthy meals. She helps women online – her in her kitchen and you in yours! She is known for her Busy Women Mealtime Makeover program that she runs a few times a year. She also has a winter cookbook available.

Betsy Moore

Liz DiAltoLiz DiAlto is a NYC-based fitness and lifestyle coach who specializes in teaching busy women how to get tighter, leaner, and sexier bodies without having to workout for hours everyday or go on any crazy diets. You can pick her brain on Facebook or get a jump start on your slammin’ hot body with her flagship program Tighter in 10 Days.
Liz DiAlto

Lorraine MillerHaving recognized the amazing transformational power a regular gratitude practice has had in her own life, Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coach, Lorraine Miller, has made it her life’s work to share what she calls Vitamin G Living™ with the world. From coaching clients, teaching workshops, and creating inspirational tools, to training holistic practitioners and organizations around the country, Lorraine’s message is warm and inspiring and provides a key ingredient to opening our minds and hearts to receiving all the good in the world. Through this process, we begin to heal, to move, to believe, and to choose our own destiny. Lorraine is the author of From Gratitude to Bliss: A Journey in Health and Happiness.
Lorraine Miller

Jen McGownJen McGown is a passionate mindfulness practitioner, student, teacher, writer, and mindful mommy who embraces the simple, but not easy, practice of staying present in body, mind, and naturally, spirit. She is the creator of One Yoga Philly leading yoga and meditation courses filled with love and abundance in Philadelphia and virtually. She shares her heartwork as a way to serve moms looking to reconnect with our bodies and be in our beautiful bodies however they are (and out of our busy minds) to serve those we love. Jen’s number one practice on and off the yoga mat she employs on a daily basis is taking a deep full inspirational breath…and letting all else go. More on Jen and her energetic spirit can be found on her Awakenings site.
Jen McGown

Melissa Wolf, MD
Melissa Wolf, MD is a board certified obstetrics and gynecology physician who lives and works in Bozeman, MT. She received her undergraduate degree from Cornell University, her MD degree from SUNY Buffalo, and completed medical residency at University Hospitals of Cleveland: Case Western Reserve. Dr. Wolf has a full time clinical practice specializing in pregnancy, delivery, abnormal bleeding, contraception, gynecologic surgery, and general women’s health.

Having completed the distance learning program at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2011 she also encourages women to take a holistic approach to their overall health and include balanced nutrition and lifestyle as the primary means to general wellness. Learn more about Dr. Wolf at RedLetterHealth.com


Melissa Wolf, MD

Michelle BailenMichelle Bailen,your host, is a Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, and busy mom of two boys. She is the founder of Healthy Hot Mama Wellness where she specializes in supporting busy women in ending the struggle with weight and body image and implementing fun, healthy habits that last. Michelle believes being healthy and hot is about truly honoring and nurturing yourself through delicious food, joyful movement and self care and not about the number on the scale.
Michelle Bailen

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The way you stressed making small measurable changes, made the goal appear a lot more attainable. The way you stressed making small measurable changes, made the goal appear a lot more attainable.

Michele Potter
Director of Parks, Recreation and Culture City of Gaithersburg